David C. Janssen

Composer David C. Janssen has been described as “an American Sibelius” in the way he uses the music of the past into a contemporary idiom, being inspired by the classic western composers of the last 400 years.  His list of works include Symphony No. 1, String Quartet No. 1 & 2, Suite for Unaccompanied Cello, Piano Sonata No. 1, Dreams of Laocoön for piano, among others.  David has worked with Yuriy Leonovich, Daria Titova, Natia Esartia, , Bayla Keyes, Julia Glen, Holly Mulcahy, Xi Zhang, Paul Jacobs Eunmi Ko, Julia Shulman, Andy Wilds, Carley DeFranco, Carmen Rodriguez-Peralta, among others.  David is currently the co-director of a concert series called Art Made Audible which pairs new music with new and pre-existing art.

David’s work has been performed and premiered in Greenville, South Carolina, New York City, Boston, Prague, Oklahoma City, Rochester NY, as well as Grand Teton National Park. In 2006, David’s Three Movements for Violin and Violoncello was premiered in Prague in The Concert Hall of the Antonín Dvořák Museum during the Czech-American Summer Music Institute. While in Prague inspired by the many baroque cathedrals, David composed his master’s thesis, The Return of the Son of Man which was premiered in New York City the following year.  In the spring of 2012 the recording was given recognition as a semi-finalist in the Professional Division of “The American Prize” in Composition”.  In 2017, The Return of the Son of Man won a place on Ablaze records Orchestral Masters CD volume 5, with the Brno Symphony Orchestra conducted by Nikel Toms.  Other prizes and acknowledgments include 2nd Prize in MA-ASTA Composition Competition for Courante for solo Cello, A noted contender in the Spanish based international competition “Cum Laude” for String Quartet No. 1, a fellowship for the Wyoming New Music Festival, as well as a commission for a setting of a Robert Pinsky poem “Jersey Rain” premiered with the poet in attendance.

Recent activities include premieres in Oklahoma City of Suite for Unaccompanied Cello and Sonata Fantasia for string duo, a commission for a concert dedicated to honoring Lowell MA in the new arts building at Middlesex Community College. A song cycle of 12 psalms with translation by the composer.

David is a passionate music educator and has served on the faculty of Boston Baptist College, Boston University, New Hampshire Institute of Art and currently at Middlesex Community College and University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth. 

David received his D.M.A. in composition from Boston University, M. M. in Composition from Manhattan School of Music and B. M. in Composition from Oklahoma City University.  Throughout his studies, He studied composition with Richard Danielpour, Edward Knight, Samuel Headrick, J. Mark Stambaugh and Ladislav Kubik.  His additional studies include orchestration with Giampaolo Bracali and theory with David Kopp, Deborah Burton as well as Ildar Khannanov.

He currently resides in Boston Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters.